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queer_ttc's Journal

Queer Trying to Conceive
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Queer Trying to Conceive
This community is for self-identified queer people trying to conceive and any queer parents that are willing to share their experiences and knowledge on getting pregnant.

This community is meant to be a supportive and safe environment for everyone. Please treat every member with respect and kindness.

The current moderator is twylightdove. I’m a “hands off” kind of mod but I will not tolerate any abuse. Any hateful speech or posting links to hateful sites will result in immediate removal from the community. I've left LJ since starting this community but the contact info is still the same and I do keep an eye out and try to catch any negative stuff when I can. If you see anything that I have missed PLEASE contact me asap.

Please contact me at babybatterzine@gmail.com if you have any questions, suggestions or problems concerning this community.

If anyone has interest in taking over this community please contact me.
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